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Pure Pigments — Philosophy

Put yourself in good hands.
​In order to do something good for yourself, sometimes it is enough to bring a little color into your life. As permanent make-up or in a medical setting, pigmentation and tattooing make it possible to appreciate one's self-worth and to make loving contact with one's body.

Pure Pigments should be balm for the soul. I want to focus on the beautiful and do everything I can to stir a little bit of happiness into the paint pots.
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My whole life two hearts have been beating in my chest. One for medicine and one for art. I love my job as a doctor, in which I have been accompanying oncological patients on their way for years. I've been looking for a way for a long time, combining my passion as an oncologist with my creative talent and my sense of aesthetics  connect to. 
Over the years I have met many people who want to find their way back to life after their rocky path. People who feel the need to do something good for themselves and fill their lives with color again. 
After my medbwk certification in tattoo art for photorealistic nipple reconstruction, medical color matching and scar retouching with Andy Engel and my training in aesthetic micropigmentation and permanent make-up at Goldeneye , I can now work with Pure Pigments finally build a bridge to give something back to the body with enthusiasm, care and a little color and take a step together  to venture into the future.
Dr. med. Julia Precht
Medizinisch-rekonstruktive Tätowierung: 
Ein Fernseh-Interview bei Hamburg 1 vom 14.08.2023 
Ein Fernseh-Interview
Brustkrebsinformationstag 2023:
Meine Kooperation mit dem Mammazentrum Hamburg 
Vom Brustkrebs zum Tattoo. Was mich motiviert:
Ein Podcast
Ein Podcast über Pure Pigments

background and qualifications

medical background
  • 2003-2009 Studies in human medicine, University of Münster and Marseille
  • 2009-2011 specialist training in urology, Martini Clinic (UKE).
  • 2012 Habilitation to Dr. medical - Institute for Microbiology, University Hospital Münster  
  • 2012-2016 Specialist training in radio-oncology and radiotherapy, Radiation Center Hamburg and Radiological Alliance Hamburg
  • Since 2016 specialist in radio-oncology and radiotherapy, Radiological Alliance Hamburg, location Quartier 21
  • 2017 Additional qualification: gynecological oncology (AGO-certified)
Medical-reconstructive tattoos
Aesthetic micropigmentation and permanent make-up
Hintergrund und Qualfikation

"Whatever you want  wish i treat you  gladly. "

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