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pure pigments —
reconstruction and  color balance

Medical pigmentation and reconstructive tattooing

The use of paramedical pigmentation and tattooing is diverse. The use ranges from 3D areola reconstruction after breast cancer surgery, retouching of pigment disorders and scars to color adjustment after gender reassignment and optical compression in genetic or pathological hair loss.

Visual irregularities can be color balanced to feel more comfortable in his body. Tattooing is the ideal technique for the often firmer scar tissue due to the depth at which the pigments are introduced.

Nipple reconstruction according to medbwk


The nipple reconstruction

"Und plötzlich weisst du: Es ist Zeit, etwas Neues zu beginnen."(Meister Eckhart)

"And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new." (Master Eckhart)

If one or both nipples are lost during breast cancer operations, they can often be restored optically today. In cooperation with the attending surgeons and medbwk by Andy Engel, I use the tattoo for the 3D reconstruction of the nipple and/or areola in order to place the pigments in a deeper skin layer and thus as much as possible  to enable lasting durability. There is no risk of prostheses or expanders.

Once the treatment is complete, a tattoo is ideally permanent. To achieve this goal on scarred skin, Pure Pigments, together with medbwk, offers a 3-year guarantee for free follow-up treatments for nipple reconstruction. If the color has not changed after 1.5 years, it can be assumed that the drawing will remain.

Many health insurance companies already accept this treatment as an individual case decision. Me and medbwk would be happy to provide you with a cost estimate.
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Youtube video of medbwk "All me again" 

medbwk nipple reconstruction

Whether one-sided or two-sided BWK, whether with or without surgically reconstructed nipples. Together we will find the best solution for you to finally feel whole again. Immediately after the first treatment, the appointment for the follow-up check will be made with you after about 4 months. Each session within 3 years is included in the price. We want you to be happy in the long term.


"Your life is yours.
Get it back. "


Scar correction and color balance of pigment disorders


"Because nobody goes through life without scars." (Carol Burnett)

After operations, injuries, pregnancy or pigment disorders such as vitiligo, the skin can show scars, stretch marks and irregularities. Sometimes this is also reminiscent of an ugly phase of life. Depending on the body zone and skin condition, these areas can be colored to match the surrounding skin with (micro)pigmentation or tattooing.

In individual cases, this treatment may be reimbursable. I would be happy to work with you to create a cost estimate for submission to the health insurance company.



LINK medbwk by Andy Engel

"Weil niemand ohne Narben durch's Leben geht."(Carol Burnett)

scar retouching

Through a special tattoo technique  the individual skin structure is imitated - back to an even complexion. However, this can only succeed if the disturbed skin area is lighter than the surrounding area. Darkened scars cannot be satisfactorily concealed.


Each of these treatments is just as individual as the history of your scar. Let's talk about it. I'm happy to advise you.

"Your body deserves it."

Härcheneichnung bei Alopezie

Ultra-realistic hair drawing and medical micropigmentation

"And no matter what others say, I alone decide how I want to look." (Dita von Teese)

The absence of eyebrows and eyelashes can deprive a face of features and facial expressions. Some conditions, such as alopecia or hormonal imbalances, may also result in a lack of body hair on the face. Chemotherapy and various other drugs can also lead to hair loss.  

The pigmentation of the lash line or the finest eyebrow hairs  (nanoblading) can return a lot of expression. With the drawing of realistic whorls and directions of growth, it is possible to imitate hair growth that is as natural as possible. In the case of an upcoming chemotherapy, the pigmentation can also be carried out beforehand as eyebrow thickening in order to preserve the contrast and the former shape when hair loss begins.

In individual cases, the treatment may be reimbursable. I would be happy to create a cost estimate with you.



"Und egal, was andere sagen, ich allein entscheide, wie ich aussehen will." (Dita von Teese)

Imitated naturalness

In the event of facial hair loss  the finest eyebrow hairs or a subtle lash line can be pigmented. The aim is to reproduce contours and facial expressions. If chemotherapy is planned, it can be advantageous to carry out the pigmentation beforehand,  to obtain individual shape and color.  

Although pigmentation lasts longer, it is not permanent, so this phase can be ideally bridged.

Color matching of phalloplasty/penoids
after gender reassignment

Retoche nach Geschlechtsangleichung

"Define yourself on your own terms." (rookies)

Gender reassignment surgery is a demanding procedure. When transforming from a woman to a man, the choice of tissue to form a penoid is primarily dependent on the texture of the tissue. Therefore, after a successful phalloplasty, the pigmentation of the skin often differs considerably from the natural coloration of the genital area. To round off the result, the color of the neophallus can be matched with a tattoo and made more similar to the male genitalia.   

If applicable, this treatment is reimbursable in individual cases. I would be happy to create a cost estimate with you.



"Definiere dich selbst nach deinen eigenen Bedingungen."(Rookie)

finally me

A gender reassignment surgery includes all treatment steps  a physically and emotionally challenging procedure.

I want you together with medbwk help you to finally feel good after your transformation.

It is therefore important to me to match the scars and color differences of the transplanted tissue to your own skin color and texture in order to help you to be fully you. 

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