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Pure pigments
Permanent make up

Aesthetic micropigmentation

The emphasis on facial features can underline your individual beauty in a type-appropriate way.

Micropigmentation, the most modern form of permanent make-up, is a gentle treatment that covers the entire repertoire of the PMU, from ultra-fine drawings to powder and full shading: Lip  Blush, candy lips, powdery, ombré balayage, hairline drawing, combobrows, ultra-realistic brows, eyeliner and much more.


Pure pigments only uses pigments that are free of heavy metals/parabens, they are also colour-stable, ISO-certified, MRI-compatible, vegan, halal and  well tolerated.

curved Brew

"The twitch of an eyebrow can say more than a hundred words." (Charlie Chaplin)

Eyebrows determine facial expressions and individual expression. Targeted emphasis can have a positive effect on facial features. In addition, a long-term drawing can simplify daily make-up and return a little freshness throughout life.

Whether fine hair drawing (nanoblading) or powdery soft powderbrows,together we explore the style, shape and color before the pigments are applied to the skin.The final treatment result is only complete after the perfection session 4-8 weeks after the initial treatment. In addition to the first and second treatment, the price also includes the necessary care for healing and maximum color development.



"Mein Körper ist mein Tagebuch und meine Tattoos sind meine Geschichte."(Johnny Depp)



"Your life is as colorful as you paint it."

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